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Dodd’s Army

 Author: John R. Smith  Categories: Adventure, Fiction, Historical, Yb-Editors-Choice  Pages: 313  Language: English  Format: PDF  Tags: FriendshipHistorical FictionSurvival |  Download PDF Book  Direct Link
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 Excerpt  :

It was dark, not pitch, but what light there was glinted spookily red off the metal framework of the cavernous space inside the aircraft, like a fire was smouldering somewhere nearby. Something to do with protecting the crews night vision, Kelly hoped. The bomber had been converted to carry soldiers, but the seats were just L shaped bits of steel tube bolted along the sides of the aircraft with canvas stretched across. There was a strong smell of scorched oil and old sweat – and smoke, which, what with that red glow, was a real worry, but nobody else seemed to care. Was it normal? Kelly thought about whether it would be better to clamber up the front and shout a warning to the pilot, do something, and risk making a prat of himself, or die horribly in the blazing wreckage of the aircraft. He decided to do nothing.

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