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The Warren Buffett Way

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Any time the subject is Warren Buffett, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer size of the numbers. Whereas most investors think in terms of hundreds or perhaps thousands, Buffett moves in a world of millions and billions. But that does not mean he has nothing to teach us. Quite the opposite. If we look at what he does and has done, and are able to discern the underlying thinking, we can model our decisions on his. That is the profound contribution of Robert’s book.

He closely studied Warren Buffett‚Äôs actions, words, and decisions for a number of years, and then set about analyzing them for common threads. For this book, he distilled those common threads into twelve tenets, timeless principles that guide Buffett‚Äôs investment philosophy through all circumstances and all markets. In just the same way, they can guide any investor. The enduring value of Robert‚Äôs work is due to this clear focus‚ÄĒalthough the book talks about investment techniques, it is fundamentally about investment principles.

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