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Never Let Me Go

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This tendency ‚Äď which might be called a type of impersonation, a kind of camouflaging of the writer’s authority and hence his responsibility ‚Äď can be seen throughout Ishiguro’s work, and goes hand in hand with his most persistent themes: the fear of disorganization and abandonment; the psychical aftermath of childhood; and the relationship between the institutional and the personal through which these themes are frequently dramatized. His most popular novel, The Remains of the Day, recommended itself to readers by the purity of its translation of that perennial English favorite, the period piece: here the author’s lack of presence was felt to be impeccable, as discreet and thorough as the butler himself, serving up an England of which he didn’t personally partake. But impersonation is also hubris, arrogance, and control, for it seeks to undermine or evade the empathetic basis of shared experience. Without empathy, the impersonator can misjudge people quite as spectacularly as he second-guesses them: in Ishiguro’s case, The Unconsoled bewildered and alienated the very readers The Remains of the Day had gone to such lengths to satisfy.

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