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The Honour of the Knights

 Author: Stephen J. Sweeney  Categories: Adventure, Science-Fiction  Published: 2009  Pages: 325  Language: English  Format: PDF  Tags: AdventuresExplorationScience Fiction |  Download Book  Direct Download Link
Books | Science-Fiction | The Honour of the Knights
 Excerpt  :

From the bridge of the Imperial carrier, INF Chimera, Fleet Admiral Zackaria watched the last minutes of Minotaur’s service to the Imperium unmoved. The destruction of the enormous battleship and the tremendous loss of life brought him no sadness nor regret. He turned to his second in command and spoke to him in a strange tongue. Minotaur was lost; it was useless to them. Let it burn. If they could not have this battleship, then they would just acquire another. One that was not so fragile; one that reflected the majesty of the Imperium; one that would help them to complete the Mission.

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