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The Millionaire Mind

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ll ten were multimillionaires. They lived in fine homes in well established, older neighborhoods. They drove American-made motor vehicles. They enjoyed life. They were not workaholics. They spent a lot of time with their families and friends, borrowed little money, and became wealthy, in most cases, before they were forty-five years old. My interview with this group was scheduled to last about two hours, but it actually went on for nearly four hours. I only had to ask a few questions the members enjoyed telling their own stories about becoming wealthy. If there were a Focus Group Hall of Fame, all ten of these millionaires would be inducted during the first round.

There were many important points made about how one can become an economic success, but one statement was riveting. It was made by Gene. He mentioned that those who are ‚Äúcredit-dependent‚ÄĚ are in fact controlled by someone else, some institution.

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