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The Vector

 Author: MCM  Categories: Horror, Science-Fiction  Pages: 311  Language: English  Format: PDF  Tags: Science Fiction |  Download Book  Direct Download Link
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 Excerpt  :

A nightmare had come to town.

It walked down the road with methodical pacing, long cloak swaying gently with each footfall. The worn machete on its belt clanked against armoured gloves. No hint of skin or hair suggested it was human: overlapping layers of cloth, metal and rubber took care of that. The mask over its face hissed softly, taking in air to process. In every way, inhuman.

From behind cracks in shuttered windows, anxious eyes watched it pass, breaths held until it was safely out of sight, superstitiously certain it could smell fear in the air. There weren’t many to see it this day. Some houses had long-open doors, others were boarded shut with black paint splashed from afar.

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